How to get back to training after the holidays? 5 easy exercises for the whole body

You need to start sports after a break carefully, without shaking the body with a strong load.

How to resume sport after a long break?

Sometimes, after a long vacation, it is difficult to get back to the usual rhythm of life. We have prepared some tips for you so that you can look at your training principle in a different way and make your classes more effective.

How to resume the training program without harm to health?

  • Make a starting point. Take body measurements, set weight before starting workout, create workout plan with weight numbers. This will give you a better understanding of the results you want to achieve.
  • Do 4-8 workouts the first month. Do not overload yourself with sports after a break. Do one strength training session and one cardio session per week. Let the body adapt.
  • Train your whole body in one workout. The perfect way to get your body in shape is through a full body workout. Running, jumping rope, stretching, squats, pull-ups, push-ups, lunges. Once you feel you have recovered, you can create workouts to your specifications.
  • Do not immediately gain a lot of weight. After a long period of inactivity, one loses strength, endurance, speed. The ligaments, muscles and joints must be gradually solicited. You won’t build muscle any faster, but you can injure yourself.
  • Rest between sets for 2-3 minutes. Many athletes forget to rest enough between sets of exercises in search of results. If we take a break from training, the cardiovascular system rebuilds itself for the lifestyle we follow. Intense exercise after the break may not have the best effect on the body.

Take advantage of these principles to achieve impressive results in the new year.

Five exercises that will help you prepare for the start of training

Dynamic board


  • keep the body straight. The neck, back and hips are in one line. Feet together;
  • we stand on our elbows. From this position, exhaling, we move to the position of emphasis on the palm of the hand.

We did three approaches for one minute. Rest between sets – one minute.

Leg lift


  • lie on your back and stretch your legs, bending them slightly at the knees;
  • exhaling, stretch the socks and try to bring the pelvis to the stomach;
  • As you inhale, slowly lower your pelvis and legs.

We perform three sets of 5-10 times. Rest between sets – one minute.

Walk on your hands


  • We spread our feet shoulder width apart. We place our hands in front of our feet and transfer our body weight to our hands;
  • we move back and forth with the palms of our hands, stretching the press and buttocks;
  • We ensure that the lower back does not receive excessive load.

Do three sets of one minute. Rest between sets – one minute.

Rear wheel


  • Lie on your back holding your bent legs with your hands. The head is tilted to the knees;
  • we roll with a rounded column on the mat so that the neck does not touch the floor;
  • exhaling, get into a sitting position and straighten your legs, stretching your arms forward;
  • the back is straight.

Do three sets of one minute. Rest between sets – one minute.

Upper body stretch


  • sit on your buttocks with your back straight on the floor;
  • put a hand behind your head. Through the upper part we stretch to the shoulder blade when exhaling;
  • the second hand rises behind the back from below;
  • the task is to touch your hands with your fingers.

Do three sets of 10 repetitions. Rest between sets – one minute.

With the help of this set of exercises, you can smoothly return to your usual training schedule.

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